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Water weighs 1g per ml at sea level ... ie, 1 litre weighs 1 kg. So ml can convert directly to grams for most liquids.

For other things, I've found this website useful :

It's far from complete, but can give you an idea.






For our recipes you can convert mls into grams, therefore 1 cup which is 250ml can be converted to 250g in the Thermomix. Depending on what the ingredient is, it is sometimes better to measure using the tsp/tbsp measurements as light ingredients such as powders/spices may not register straight away, so for a more accurate  measurement we leave it as tsp/tbsp.

If you have a collection of these conversions though it is great to use and others too may benefit from this



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It would be very helpful to have a conversion table that gave the weight in grams per teaspoon, tablespoon and cup for various foods. I have been accumulating these for a lot of items and it is very useful. Then when a recipe says 4 tablespoons of sherry you can work out it is apx 100 g. The gourmetsleuth web site has many of these but you need to be careful as the conversion is US volume measures. It would be very good to get this for metric units.