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Cooking  4 Hi I made poached eggs for my friend and I the other day, put the water on .....had a quick shower whilst the water boiled then popped in two eggs, perfectely poached Yum!

Totally agree, Karlie. I can't go back to normal eggs now that I have had the Sous Vide Eggs.  Cool

I am terrible at cooking but awesome at eating!

I've just been introduced to Sous Vide Eggs - the ultimate eggs.  Search for the recipe on the recipe community... Cooking  4

have you made the porridge yet? a-maz-ing. esp because you don't have to stand and stir it.

and if you've been a micro porridge eater (YUK, the grind up the oats to make them cook faster, which turns them into glue) you will truly be amazed.

brown sugar or maple syrup............. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. even in summer we love porridge.

LOL I made soft boiled eggs in my brand new thermomix this morning.  Now searching for something for a yummy dinner. Think this machine is going to turn me into a brekky eater lol Cooking  7Cooking  4Smile