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:)I have just made my first batch of this paste, but am confused as it definitely didn't come out red, and I wondered whether "tomato puree" actually means "tomato paste"?? as 140g of tomato puree is not really alot at all

it is very hot with 10g dried chilli so I am hoping that when I add it to a dish like the butter chiken is tastes better.



I finally made the Tikka paste from this cookbook and it was brilliant.  This was followed closely by the Butter Chicken from the same book - what a contrast to the EDC version - 5 stars.  This one is fabulously tasty and the remaining paste makes a great marinade for steak.


Combining the paste with coconut milk sounds wonderful and I'll have to give that a try.  Thanks for the tip Skinflint.

So many recipes - so little time.....

This is the best curry paste! I adore the Indian Cookery book. I use the Tikka paste with coconut milk sometimes to make a different style of curry.

All the pastes freeze really well. I actually kept mine in the fridge for months. I just covered the top with oil.

Hi all,

I've been wanting to make the Tikka Pasta from this recipe book, but balked at it due to the quantity that it made and the fact that I probably wouldn't use it all in the shelf time of 6wks.


Well good news, I've just found out that you can freeze this paste - brilliant.  I'm going to now make it and freeze in 100g batches.  Being able to use this paste as a marinade will open up all sorts of possibilities - so may find that I use it so often I don't have to worry about freezing.



So many recipes - so little time.....