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I made the Gluten Free Double Chocolate muffins by Thermomix today - the first recipe i made on my own using my new thermomix which i just recieved today! They are yummy. My fussy 5 yr old daughter even ate one and liked it! A great recipe thanks for the suggestion DKTwist! 


I have made two different recipes this week as cupcakes.  Search on RC for Gluten Free Dairy Free Double Chocolate Muffins by Erica Noble, these were very yummy, they are heavier like a mud cake.  I didn't make the icing, I made choc ganache - delicious.  Then I made Gluten Free Double Chocolate Muffins by Thermomix in Australia, these were a lot lighter, still yummy but I didn't use icing as I made them quickly & as mini muffins for a play date.



Can anyone recommend a really good gluten free cake I could make for an adult for her bday but one that a child would like??  Thanks