Forum ... Is the Paleo diet. (no wheat,refined oils, dairy, sugar)

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I ear Paleo now too and just by searching Paleo in the recipes brings up a great variety and lots of ideas.

Me too! ? Based in Australia ☺️

I would love this too... many of the recipes on the chips/books i can't make for myself because i can't eat dairy, grains (of any kind), sugar (only blueberries and green apples), yeast, mushrooms,... and i've found lots of great recipes on here already today.  My first big day of cooking since I bought my thermomix 2 days ago.  Very stoked! 

As with Dot77, I have lost 8kg in 7 weeks - because i've radically chaqnged my eating, and have stopped eating all the pre-packaged foods, and other things (listed above) which have been making me sick.  I'm noticing more and more people around me are finding similar issues as well, so i think this will become a far greater need. 

Much as I love the memories of all the yummy baking etc of my childhood, they just make me feel very sick these days.  Thanks to Thermomix, I have a much easier path ahead of me than i might have otherwise. 


The Paleo diet is big in America and I believe will be here in the UK too. It is a diet to strengthen your auto immune system preventing those illnesses that the our bodies create by themselves by altering cells like Cancer, Arthritis, and very many others. As an aside you gain weight fitness too. I can testify that my high blood pressure has returned to normal after 30 years and I have lost 2 stone.