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You could do the muffin or cake or cookie in a jar??  Blitz the appropriate ingredients so they are fine and layer them in the jar. It looks cool and all they need to add is the wet stuff. 

if you have a specialty like spag Bol for example, you could make the sauce, sans meat and gift that. 


Hi Amy Louise, it really depends on how well you have prepared and sealed your jars, it is crucial that they are scrupulously clean and sterilized before filling then sealed tightly. All your utensils must be sterilized as well and care must be taken not to contaminate them when handling. Fill jars to the top when both product and jars are hot. Easy way to seal is to place jars into a large pot cover with hot water and boil to create a vacuum. They should pop when opened. I have had jars of relish sitting in the pantry for over a year and they are perfectly fine, but I suppose life span depends on what you are making. High sugar content items like jam etc will be fine as the sugar will help preserve them however a caramel sauce made with cream may not have such a long shelf life. I'm sure a basket of homemade goodies would be well received by friends and family. Good luck  Smile

hi everyone,

I am thinking of making some jams, sauces, relishes etc in my thermomix and giving them as Christmas presents.. Does anyone have some suggestions as I have never used my thermo to make them before and do you know how long they would keep in a jar? 


Thanks in advance  Smile