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Havent found any truly low carb breads out there for my new TM, anyone??

Havent found any truly low carb breads out there for my new TM, anyone??

Hi all, I have a blog which is dedicated to healthy, low-fat recipes, all of which are Weight Watchers friendly and would probably interest you all. Subscribe at , or follow My Thermomix Kitchen on Facebook for new recipes posted regularly.

Hi All,


I'm on WW too and only got my Thermomix a couple of weeks ago.  I'm still not convinced that the Thermo won't result in weight gain purely because I'm now focused on food again which I've managed to avoid since starting WW.  


I have however been conscious of which Thermo recipes I make and quite often I end up putting less fat, less sugar and less carbs into each dish.  I've also used the WW online recipe builder to convert Thermo recipes to points.


I'd love to see a recipe category on the Thermo forum that groups all recipes low in kj.



HI Guys,


i am a newbie my themo arrives saturday sooo excited Smile i am also on ww and 5 kilo away from goal ahhh i would love to know how to convert recipes Smile

I'm a newbie too and from a medical science background, my immediate thought was Expected Date of Confinement (the day a pregnant lady is expected to deliver) LOL! I would have had to ask too 

 Hi I am a life time member but over goal so would appreciate info on converting  the recepies please. I just had my thermomix delivered. Thank you

I made my version of WW veggie only soup today. Chopped onion and carrot and added a bit of oil to sear them for a few minutes, then added celery, potato, sweet potato and leek. I also added a few bits if other veggies . Chopped them up a bit and cooked until done. Flavoured it with the TM veg stock and black pepper. Also added parsley.  I use this for a light lunch or a snack. 

I don't make the real WW version as it has a lot of tomato which can give me a migraine. I just use the base veg, carrot, onion and celery, the add whatever I feel like.i find it is really good when trying to loose weight.

Love my thermomix!


Every day cookbook honey, the one that comes with the thermomix. Never a silly question:)

Ok, don't laugh at the newbie, but what is EDC? I'm going to feel like a real tool when i know aren't i?,,, Puzzled

I just got my Thermomix yesterday and joined WW online last week. I just use the recipe builder on the WW website to calculate propoints for the recipes I've made. I calculated the Pumpkin Soup from the Everyday Cookbook as 1 Propoint (serves 4). I calculated the custard to be 5 Propoints (that was even using skim milk!). I made an Orange and Strawberry Sorbet for 2 Propoints. I made the mushroom risotto for 6 Propoints (serves 8). I made a banana bread from the community recipes for 4 Propoints per slice (loaf serves 12). I made Luigi's 40 second biscuits for 4 Propoints, but I need to make them smaller. I guess it's just a matter of experimenting and playing around with healthier alternatives. But it has got me cooking more than I have in a long time and I'm enjoying it too. I've never been a big fan of cooking but I'm starting to get the hang of it. And it's certainly a much healthier option for myself and my family as I'm able to make a lot more things that are normally highly processed and high is sugar/fat etc...

Yes would like low fat recipes and recipes that use the new equal baking sugar and recipes for diabetes as well.

as yet i haven't converted any of my WW recipes for use in the Thermomix - however i have been substituting low fat ingredients in the thermo recipes with great success.

working out the pro point  values of many recipes from the EDC they fit in well to the current WW plan.

i am a lifetime member of WW and was scared that once i got my thermomix that i would put weight back on cos of the yummies i would be making, but so not the case



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yes i would be interested in low fat recipes also


I am about to embark on a six weeks weight loss attempt!  Going on holidays in 6 weeks time and would like to fit into my bathers!!  I am planning on following a weight watchers type diet, but wonder if any members have converted any of the recipes from the weight watchers cookbooks.  They are excellent recipes and it would be good to be able to make some of them in the thermomix - or indeed any low fat type recipes.  Any suggestions of good low fat recipes?