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After some investigating, yes this is correct.

It's not so much an issue with the new Cook-Keys, it's that generally the software hasn't been update on the machine in a very long time and there are too many updates for the Cook-Key to download.
Where as with an older Cook-Key all the updates are already on it, so if the updates are done from an order Cook-Key, the new one will then work with no issues.

Thermomix Head Office

You need to do the firmware update on her machine. For some reason the new cookkeys can't do it. If you can borrow someone else's older cookkey and update the machine then the new cookkey will work. I'm a consultant in Alice Springs and have had this issue now with 2 of the new cookkeys. Good luck and happy cooking Smile

I bought a friend a cookkey, we can register it etc however when we sync it to her thermie it comes up with error C583. Rang thermomix who advised needs a 4g network to update machine. Brilliant we are in a small rural town that cant connect to a strong 4g network so either hace to travel 3 hours with the thermie to update or is there another way. Worst part is it doesnt actually even pick up it needs to be updated just keeps saying thermomix is up to date however its def not as the version is 2017. Any ideas?