Forum Front plastic faceplate/cover has developed marks on the white sections and logo disappearing

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Hi iceblueboy

We have passed your post onto our Customer Service team. Someone will be in contact to discuss with you shortly.

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Thermomix Head Office

Do you have a consultant?You are best contacting them or using the Thermomix in australia website to get someone to contact you. This is a recipe platform so it might take a while for someone to get back to you.

Thelma and Louise x

Hi Thermomix, this is......or was.....the highlight of my kitchen and the white plastic housing has developed some unusual markings, particularly after using for making soups. The marks don't come off and the thermomix logo on the left has nearly disappeared. I have been very careful in how i clean my machine and never used anything abrasive or harsh yet these marks have appeared (the screen is fine, it is the white housing part). I thought that thermomix would have used a higher grade plastic for something so expensive and my machine is not yet 3 years old. Can someone please help me. It looks as other people have been helped with similar problems and i would assume it is going to start to start cracking as the quality of the plastic just isn't a high standard and is an eyesore. Thanks.