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Hi Joe,
I can help if you like. I'm a consultant. You do not need to have a cooking experience if you dont want to.
I'm based in Melbourne and we are doing virtual meetings for everything you need. Feel free to contact me.
Here is my Facebook page

Any answers anyone? I am thinking of getting the TM6 which currently comes with a bonus Thermo Serve and Recipe Book, but this is only available for July.

I am considering the purchase of a TM6, after seeing how happy my sister is with her TM5. If I decide to go ahead, do I have to go through a consultant or can I buy directly from your company? I do not really have any interest in attending parties or whatever, to see a demo and certainly am not in a position to host one. I would be happy to work things out for myself or converse with my sister and get her input if I need it. If I decide to go ahead with the purchase(in a few months) this is the only way I would want to go and perhaps get a consultant to bring it to my home after I purchase it, if that is what needs to happen.
Thank you.