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Check out the new Cooking For Me and You cookbook.  It has recipes suited for 1-2 people.  It's a winner those who don't have to feed the multitudes.

Check out the new Cooking For Me and You cookbook.  It has recipes suited for 1-2 people.  It's a winner those who don't have to feed the multitudes.

Ive taken my TM away with me, however notinmy caravan yet. But going away for a week at christmas and looking forward to taking Thelma with me. then next year we are doing two weeks in the top end, so great travelling recipes would be amazing.  I am a fairly good camp cooker as it is, but if thelma can make it easier im all for it.

Oh Yes Please!!! We are a family of 3 planning to do the "Big Trip" in a couple of years, a Thermi book for caravanners would be invaluable. Thanks for all the info so far. Smile

Thats not a bad option anyway.  I use an ozpig as well. I will post on here when we return from our first trip in the new van.

Wow thanks for that comprehensive answer. We have a roof top tent so looks like we will only be prepping in the Thermi and then cooking in the camp oven. 

I would love to hear how you get on.

thanks again. 

Hi Lorry1968

We are building a new caravan and plan on taking the thermie with us.  Have had a lot of discussion with the van builders (one of whom was an aeronautical electrician) and have researched the best way for us at least to power it.  We have decided to put a 700 watt pure sine wave inverter in the caravan and that will take care of all the thermie functions except anything that requires heat. We are having 450 watts of solar panels and 2 x 120 amph batteries to power it and all our other needs in the van because we do not stay in caravan parks.  For times when I need to actually cook in the thermie we will have a 2kva generator which will have to run the whole time I am cooking with it as it will draw down at least 1800 watts.  The thermie doesnt use a lot of power compared to other appliances but anything that requires heat does require a significant wattage no matter what it is. The investment required to power it without a generator is prohibitive and you would probably have to use lithium batteries that are linked in a special way that allow the inverter to draw from all the batteries at the same time on start up.  Then to recharge the batteries you would need more solar panels and a bigger charge controller because it would flatten the batteries fairly quickly.

Hope this helps, it is a complicated business!!!

Hi I want to take my Thermomix away with me camping but don't know what sort of inverter to buy can anyone help?

caravan and camping recipes would be wonderful.  Especially if recipes were for 2 people or show how to adapt for 2 easily, as it isn't always as easy as 1/2 ing everything and 20% less cooking time.  Using easily stored and obtained ingredients.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback. We will pass this on for consideration.

In the meantime, have you checked out our latest cookbook: Cooking for me and you? there are over 50 delicious recipes if you are cooking for one or two. 

Thermomix Head Office

Hi thank you for that idea. I will go and download it now. I have some work to be done at Officeworks when we get to Launceston so will get it made up then.

Hi. We have ben on the road since January 2013. I purchased my Thermo mix January this year. It is a godsend ofr travelling. The meals I can make are a delight. Having fresh bread all the time is a bonus as alot of outback towns only have bread in freezers. I only have a small van and find that I have plenty of room for ingredients. I have culled one whole cupboard that was full of rubbish food taht I found I hadnt even looked at since getting thermie.I havent used the stovetop at all so hubby made me a board to fit over the stove fully and thermie lives there. I have a demonstrator bag for travelling and it sits between the pillows on my bed. So far we have been intowns with decent supermarkets but will be tavelling back tot he outback later this year. It is going to take a bit of planning to buy ingredients in the bigger towns before heading to towns with a little, or no supermarket. Yes they are out there. Menu planning will have to come into play I think.

Yes having a caravanners cookbook would be a great idea with links to other recipes that use similar ingredients. A book that is easy to convert to 2 people as us grey nomads are usually just couples but I understand that alot of famiies that travel would also utilisie a book like this. If it was palusible I Would become atravelling consultant as I love my machine so much.

Hi Caravanners

Have you downloaded the Big4 Cookbook - just head to their website and download a free copy!  Most recipes can be done in  Thermomix.

What a great idea, as there are soooo many grey nomads on the road (and other travellers who refuse to call themselves grey nomads), a book that caters to all in one meals and also takes into account that many, many travellers have a baby webber q that could be used as the 'oven' so recipes that take that into account too would be FANTASTIC!

My wife and I have just purchased a Thermomix after friends of ours showed us their machine. What a great machine, however we too were disappointed when we found that the 'Travelling with Thermomix' recipe book had nothing to do with camping, caravanning etc. A recipe book using minimum ingredients would be a great idea.





Great idea! We are living in a caravan with our two kids while we spend the next couple of years building. The thermo is great as it doesn't take up much space and I don't need all those other kitchen gadgets! But as the van has VERY limited cupboard space I often find myself without many things as we simple don't have the room. I would love a book of simple caravan recipes. Nothing worse than trying to wash a million dishes in a sink the size of your head. Smile

I'm so hanging out for this one. 

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Hi TessaS

We enjoy camping for long periods but I'm yet to take TM with me. We try to live off solar and with 3 kids I think a BBQ and a quick salad does us just fine! But when I first got my TM I asked the question... I hope this helps. FYI:

HiGlad our new owners are enjoying their Thermie's! Jo in regards to power many people like you can't live without their Thermomix when they go camping and have actually taken it with them! The Thermomix has a maximum power consumption of 1500W if you were interested. We have many stories of campers using their Thermomix on their travels.Thanks.

Hi Cookie 1,

Im a Grey Nomad too and am by interested in using one of these wonderful machines in my van.  Can you tell me do you always have to be on power to use it or could it be used with a 1000w inverter?  If it could it would be fabulous.  I love the idea of it in the van and can see so many uses for it.  Could you give me a few examples of things you use it for plea?


Hi CookieLee, if you are worried about the feet being damaged while you are on the road (which is a valid concern!), your consultant should be able to order a carry case for you from head office, similar to the carry case that consultants bring their TMX to demos in. The have a padded foam bottom with little cutouts that protect the feet and are $120. Send me a message if you have trouble and I'd be happy to help you out.

How would be the safest way to transport TM in a caravan or back of 4WD?

Really want to take it up north!










How do you pack TM for safe travel? Just a little worried about causing damage whilst on travel in van or back of 4WD?


I'm a grey nomad who owns a thermomix and I know of several others. I have my own file with recipes in that are good to make in the van. I carry a basic supply of food and then just buy as we need it in the larger centres. It means a bit of menu planning but is no trouble. Some sort of risotto is quick and easy, especially if it uses last nights leftovers. Cooking  10

This is a great idea, I will soon be starting a new job On a FIFO roster living in a small 'donga' on a mine site, because of my dietary restrictions I will be taking thermie so I can prepare simple meals in my room as the camp will not cater adequately for my needs. This sort of book would be a great reference for travelers and other with small kitchens or living spaces.

Smile I own a caravan and I think a book like this would be a great idea so we can have gourmet meals even in the outback

We take ours when we travel, and all in one meals are great for us.  I think its a great cookbook suggestion.

Not a day goes by I don't use my thermomix!

I think this would be a wonderful pressie for grey nomads (who own thermomixes of course).

On my last demo two ladies who travel a lot were dissapointed when they saw "Traveling with Thermomix" as they thought it was for traveling with their Thermomix. Recipes for caravan people. I think I would like to help them so I am collecting recipes that will be for simple ingredients. The sort of thing you can get anywhere or you are likely to have in stock. I think this would be a great subject for a new Thermi cook book.