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Super crunchy polenta chips



8 portion(s)

Polenta base

  • 70 grams Parmesan cheese, cubed, app. 1.5cm pieces
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves, washed
  • 2 litres chicken stock
  • 500 gram packet of instant polenta
  • olive oil, for basting prior to cooking
  • salt and pepper to taste

Recipe's preparation

    Polenta mixture
  1. 1. Brush or spray 2  baking pans (22 x 30cm) to lightly grease.

    2. Place cheese and Rosemary leaves in Closed lid.

    3. Blitz for 15 seconds, on sp 9, until finely grated. Set aside. Lightly rinse bowl.

    4. Add stock toClosed lid and bring to a rolling boil, Varoma temp, sp 2, app.10 mins.

    5. When it has reached a rolling boil, slowly add polenta through the lid, speed 4 and mix for 20 seconds.

    6. Add cheese and Rosemary mixture and blend for 15 seconds sp. 4

    7. Pour the mixture evenly into the prepared pans and smooth the surface. Cover with non stick paper.

    8. Place mixture into the fridge to set for at least 4 hours or overnight.

    9. Turn out Polenta onto a clean work surface. Using a sharp knife, trim the edges slightly for a nice clean finish.

    10. Cut into 2cm x 8cm strips.

    11. Spray or brush with oil.

    12. Bake in a preheated 200c oven ( or airfryer), for 20-25 minutes. They will be crunchy and golden.

    13. Serve with a side salad and sauce of your choice (sweet chilli is nice). I served with creamed silverbeet and tomato sauce.







Accessories you need



This makes a large amount but it can easily be halved.

8 serves is based on a meal size. Obviously it would serve more if used as a side dish.

However, I like to make the full amount, then cut it into serving size blocks and freeze. Thaw and cut into strips for baking.

It can be a complete meal, when served with a nice salad and sauce or veggies or an egg and bacon ( non Vegetarian).

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  • Ievans...

    Submitted by monicaih on 23. June 2017 - 16:10.

    sorty this didn't work for you. I've made this so many times without a problem. Maybe different brands of polenta work differently..?

    “Thermify me”..
    Take your Thermomix experience to a whole new level..! Love

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  • Followed all the instructions not sure why but it...

    Submitted by Ievans on 23. June 2017 - 14:19.

    Followed all the instructions, not sure why but it wouldn't become hard enough it fridge so it can be cut. Left it for nearly 24 hours still gluggy. Had to put it in the freezer for hours then had to wait for it to defrost slightly so it can be cut. Whilst in the oven the mixture spread so the pieces did not stay intact. Had to wait for it to cook until it was crunchy enough to cut up then cook further.

    They tasted ok but not great but everyone is different.

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