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City: Grovedale
Country: Australia
Birthday: 20.12.1975
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I am a working mum, finally finished studying P/T at university, and married with a wonderful husband! I love to cook but found myself cooking the same things over and over again! I was sick of trying new recipes because they took SO long to create! Frankly - who has the time! I am new to the Thermi World - but i've embraced it with open arms!! I am passionate about being able to cook food from scratch, knowing what is going into the mouths of my family!!

Using Thermomix since: 2014
What Thermomix ® version do you have?: Thermomix ® TM 31
What is your relationship with Themomix?: Customer
Cookingskills: Beginner
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Chicken & Leek Pie (Filling)

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Pasta Carbonara (Lighter Version)

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