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City: Belmont
Country: Australia
Birthday: 30.12.1979
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I love Jesus, His death has given me life..!

While Jesus lived on the earth He enjoyed both feasting, and fasting, and He showed us that believers should come together and eat in communion, remebering His sacrifice, accepting Gods mercy, and grace.

In most cultures, food is the common ground that brings people together. In the beginning, Gods first gift to man (after life), was in fact, FOOD.

How blessed we are to enjoy an abundance in our land, paired with multiple opportunities to come together over a shared meal.

Using a Thermomix has definitely given me the tool I needed to create new, as well as old, favourites with ease, ensuring that friends, family, and breeze ins, always leave with a satisfied tummy, and a happy heart. Bri x

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What Thermomix ® version do you have?: Thermomix ® TM 5
What is your relationship with Themomix?: Customer
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Name: Mrs Clapham

Bri. x

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