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I totally hated cooking, never learned at home (mum wouldn't share the kitchen with me!).. hated it at school. Then I learned slowly how not to burn things..... that was it for 23 yrs.. had kids.. who are grown up, same boring crap day in, day out. Finally their tastebuds have matured and the world is my oyster! I realised that learning to cook again, in alternative ways, was igniting a passion that I've never realised existed. Food is awesome, and creating everything from scratch is MUCH better for your health!

Currently studying anything food related along with food photography (photography has been a passion for 5+yrs) - so much to learn.. planning for retirement Wink

Cook, enjoy what you produce, and feel proud that the tmx actually has health benefits!!

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Curried Sausages

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Curried Sausages

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Curried Sausages

by spykee