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Double Batch of Pot Set Vanilla Yoghurt



2 litre(s)

1800g Full Cream Milk

  • 150 g instant full cream milk powder
  • 10 g Organic Vanilla Paste
  • 80 g raw sugar milled
  • 150 g Vanilla Jalna Pot Set Yoghurt, Or pre made culture from last batch of yoghurt made

Recipe's preparation

  1. 1. Weigh in milk, sugar, vanilla, and milk powder into TM bowl - It will come up just under  the max fill line.

    Mix on speed 7 for 10secs 


  2. 2. Cook for 35 minutes/90 degrees/Speed 2-3

    I then leave my mixture sit in the Thermomix until it cools to 37deg.

    Your Thermie will turn off, but turn it back on to see what temp the mix has cooled to with the illuminated temp light. It should take around 1-2 hours to cool.




  3. 3. When milk mixture is cool enough, add your 150g yoghurt culture. If not, allow to cool for longer. If you don't allow it to cool below 37 degrees you will kill the live culture (yoghurt) when adding it and your yoghurt won't work.


  4. 4. Mix on speed 4 for approx 20 secs

    or if the mix has cooled below the 37 deg, turn the mix on 37deg, 10mins, speed 3 or just until the 37 deg has been reached

  5. 5.Place milk mixture into Thermoserver or container to be set in immediately, leaving off the base for the Thermoserver, and place in the oven with just the light on.

    For best results, leave between 6 and 12 hours, un disturbed.

    Yoghurt will be more sour the longer you leave it.

    Personally I found between 6 and 7 hours was absolutely perfect

    Put in fridge until cooled and eat as desired tmrc_emoticons.)





I usually start this at abnout 5:30pm which means I'm putting my yoghurt 'to bed' as I go to bed! Then it's ready in the morning. OR start in the morning, it's finished by the time you get home and can cool in the fridge overnight for eating the next day.

The new 2.6L Thermoservers are perfect for this double batch but it can be carefully made in the 2.2L!

DON'T FORGET to keep 150g of the yoghurt for your next batch!

Parenting tip - your kids may be used to a LOT more sugar in their yoghurt. You may find you need to put up to 250g in to start with, then gradually wean them off a little bit each time you make a batch!

I add fruit or honey after the yoghurt has set.

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