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Forum Rules & Netiquette

This forum is operated by The Mix Australia Pty Ltd. Apart from our website Terms of Use, the following rules of conduct apply to all users and members of the Thermomix ® Forum and Thermomix ® Recipe Community.
This forum is monitored at the discretion of our Vorwerk Thermomix ® facilitators. Please note that the following rules may be changed or extended at any time:

1. The Thermomix ® Forum and Thermomix ® Recipe Community are designed for exchanging ideas and swapping recipes related to the Thermomix ® and should only be used for that purpose.

2. Help new members find their way around the forum. Be polite and introduce yourself to the other members of the forum. Begin your messages with a greeting and add a friendly sign-off at the end of each message. Be mindful of the fact that you are communicating with other people, so please refrain from any personal insults, swear words, vulgar or obscene language or any other disparaging forms of communication.

3. This platform may not be used for sales offers, product demos or any other direct or covert advertising of a service or product. No links to other Internet sites designed for such a purpose may be posted on this platform.

4. Before you post any content, check whether there is already a message or an article on that subject to which you could add your comments or questions.

Choose a meaningful title for any new content.

The following is not permitted:
- posting the same content under different forum headings
- adding several comments with the same content to any topic
- posting content that is not relevant to the topic
- posting content that is in breach of these rules of conduct
- posting personal attacks on individuals, members or facilitators of this site.

5. Choose your user name in such a way that no trademark or naming rights are infringed. The same person may not be registered under several names within this forum.

6. Children and young people may only use the forum with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. If you do allow your children to use this forum, it is important you talk to them about online security. The responsibility for children being granted access to the forum lies with their parents or legal guardian.

Please note that you must adhere to the rules stipulated above and the instructions of our Vorwerk Thermomix ® facilitators whenever you use the Thermomix ® Forum or Thermomix ® Recipe Community. If you do not adhere to these rules or breach any other applicable law, your content or comments may be deleted and/or your member account temporarily or permanently closed. Such measures are taken in the interest of maintaining a good forum atmosphere and we are under no obligation to explain the rationale of any action taken.

Vorwerk Thermomix ® facilitators make every effort to monitor the Thermomix ® Forum and Thermomix ® Recipe Community to ensure the above rules are observed. However, should you become aware of any breach of these rules or any illegal entries, we would be grateful if you would point them out to us. Please use the “Contact” button at the bottom of the screen to pass on any such information.