50 uses for salted caramel sauce

1. Eat with a spoon, from the jar

2. Indulge in salted caramel hot chocolate

3. Celebrate with some salted caramel cocktails.

4. Create salted caramel filled chocolate truffles

5. Use as a glaze for your roast pork

6. Stir through popcorn on your next movie night

7. Drizzle over ice cream

8. Take your banana or chocolate milkshake to the next level by adding a dash of salted caramel sauce

9. Stir through warm custard

10. Sweeten up the in-laws with a homemade gift

11. Dollop over your bacon for breakfast

12. Serve thick salted caramel sauce with brie on crackers

13. Make a salted caramel fountain

14. Stir through your favourite nuts or cacao nibs for a sauce with crunch

15. Dip baked hot chips in a salted caramel dip. Trust us.

16. Swirl through meringues before baking

17. Stir through rice pudding for the perfect winter dessert

18. Bathe steamed apples or pears in warm salted caramel sauce

19. Drizzle over buttercream icing on top of cupcakes

20. Smother on top of pancakes with chopped bananas

21. Make Salted caramel drinking yoghurt or stir through automated yoghurt recipe.

22. Salted caramel overnight oats – stir through sauce in the morning

23. Mixed through Greek yoghurt

24. Salted caramel protein balls

25. Salted caramel popsicles

26. Drizzle over crepes

27. Serve with apple pie

28. Pour into tart cases before setting, add a layer of chocolate for bonus points

29. Drizzle over a pavlova

30. Make a layered chocolate cake by spreading cooled sauce as a filling between two layers of ‘Too easy chocolate cake’.

31. Stir through your morning coffee for a decadent treat

32. Cinnamon apple scrolls with salted caramel sauce

33. Drizzle over a sweet pizza

34. Salted caramel melting moments

35. Dollop on top of chocolate brownies

36. Swirl through a cheesecake, just before baking.

37. Make a salted caramel pool and swim in it

38. Sandwich between two macarons

39. Mix into LTM’s (Little Thermomix Munchies) before baking

40. Make salted caramel peanut butter

41. Pour over ice cream and coffee for an affogato with a difference

42. Substitute for sticky date caramel sauce

43. Peanut butter and salted caramel ice cream

44. Serve as a dipping sauce with churros

45. Make Salted caramel butter

46. Salted caramel brownie trifles

47. Ice your cookies with cooled sauce

48. Stir through a tablespoon of salted caramel into your favourite soy chicken wing glaze for sticky wings

49. Make salted caramel frosting

50. Substitute for jam in these biscuits