Vegetarian Kitchen - Easy Vegan Swaps

It's easy to follow a Vegan diet with our new Vegetarian Kitchen cookbook and recipe chip. In addition to the 36 vegan recipes included, below are some simple swaps you can make to give you more vegan options.


Everyday protein shake – leave out the egg (optional add 1tbsp pea protein powder)

Pear berry cereal – serve with coconut yoghurt

Chia pudding – serve with coconut yoghurt

Fruit scones – replace butter with 100g coconut oil, serve with nut butter

Spiced fennel and silverbeet with fried eggs – replace eggs with fried tempeh

Avocado sorbet – leave out egg white

Spaghetti with spinach and mint pesto. Replace parmesan with a drizzle of cashew sour cream (p.58)

Omit Halloumi and replace with half an avocado, roughly chopped.

Carrot, feta and mint salad – replace feta with a drizzle of Cashew sour cream (p.58)

Spiced lentil vegetable soup – serve with a drizzle of Cashew sour cream or coconut yoghurt

Jerusalem artichoke soup – swap butter with olive oil and leave out optional cream

Mixed mushroom congee – leave out the eggs

Mexican stack - Omit cheese, sprinkle savoury yeast flakes between layers and drizzle with cashew sour cream.

Three bean shepherd’s pie – replace butter with olive oil, omit parmesan cheese & replace milk with 200g almond milk.

Autumn vegetable gratin – replace parmesan cheese with cashews

Zucchini tortillas – replace egg with chia gel and swap eggless mayonnaise for cashew sour cream.

Vegetable curry with cauliflower cous cous – replace yoghurt with coconut yoghurt

Chilli con tempeh – serve with cashew sour cream

White chocolate and coconut rice pudding – swap eggs for 1 tbsp of chia seeds (2tbsp if you prefer a thicker pudding)

Banana tofu ice cream – swap honey for maple syrup or rice malt syrup

Coconut coffee crunch – swap honey for maple syrup

Peaches in white wine syrup – serve with coconut yoghurt

Linseed crackers with eggplant dip – omit natural yoghurt from eggplant dip

Rice paper rolls – replace honey with rice malt syrup in sweet chilli sauce