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Hi ... I’ve just started the AutoImmune Paleo Protocol and i am keen to find any Thermomix AIP recipes. Any suggestions? Thanks Janice

I would love an Autoimmune Protocol cookbook too.
More importantly, why can't we add our own recipes through the cookkey, to use guided cooking? This seems to be a major failure on Vorwerk's behalf

Yes, I would also love more Paleo recipes. They don't have to be autoimmune in my case, just sugar-free, dairy-free and grain-free.

Hi, I just bought a TM5, excited to get started but also looking for AIP recipes.has anybody found some? I was kindly given a recipe book called Life Changing Food. By Jo Whitton & Fouad Kassab. It is Gluten Free & Paleo with options for Grain Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free variations where possible. It has conventional cooking method, and Thermomix method for a lot, but not all recipes. Not Stricly AIP, but it’s a great start.

Sample recipieSample recipie

I too am an autoimmune paleo mum and would love to see more of these kinds of recipes for thermomix.

I would like to see more recipes supporting paleo here too.

I’d love to have a cookbook that is for autoimmune paleo. I bought the thermomix to help me in the kitchen, and it truly is a wiz. Although I’m struggling to convert aip cookbooks to Thermomix.
Quirky kitchen is a beautiful book but contains many ingredients that I cannot eat