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I found this too. There was so much sauce I actually froze it and added to more chicken another time. But. I had an issue cooking chicken thighs. I've always done on stove top slowly till tender. Or in my slow cooker. In the butter chicken the thighs were tough. How do I extend the time to cook slowly. They'll end up all chopped up ??

Hi Reffie88

Yes, this recipe does have a larger liquid content than your standard butter chicken. Unfortunately this has not been tested by Thermomix in Australia.

However in our Recipe Developers travels they have noticed that good quality chicken does not leech as much water as the more budget proteins; you are able to reduce the water or cream by half in this BCB recipe; or you can place the simmering basket on top of the bowl while cooking in step 5, this may allow for some evaporation.

There is a fabulous recipe from the Flavours of India book on page 82. This does take a little longer but the love is definitely reflected in the final result. It is delicious.

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I’ve just tried my first meal in the thermomix - from the basic recipe book in a TM5 machine.

Butter chicken came out more like chicken laksa. It was watery and didn’t taste like butter chicken whatsoever.

I followed the recipe exactly, and I can’t for the life of me think where I could have gone wrong. Has anyone else found this recipe troublesome?