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Hi Em

Congratulations on your purchase we are sure you are going to enjoy hours of cooking with it.

Majority of our books will end up on Cookidoo, the 2 above are old books that we published before the TM5 came out so it is probable that they will not end up on Cookidoo and you will have to purchase them. The Cooking for baby and toddler is currently being revamped and will be coming out later in the year with a new name and updated recipes by Louise. This will be available on Cookidoo.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

hey guys!

Eagerly awaiting my new thermo- first time owner!

Just signed up to Cookidoo to use with my cook-key but noticed some of the cookbooks I like aren’t on there:
-quirky cooking
-cooking for baby and toddler

Does that mean these recipes aren’t accessible unless I purchase the books?

Do all books end up on cookidoo?

cheers guys! Em