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That is brilliant news Pleggy. How good is it?

Thank you for cooking again and sharing your results. You have honestly made our day in the office.

Happy cooking Pleggy.

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Hi Team,

Just a quick note to say that I have cooked the recipe again, and the result was firm thigh pieces which were tender and yummy.

I did add a chilli which added a nice spice to it 🌶, Photo attached.

I may have used chicken breast first time that may have been the reason for shredding.

Photo attached

Chicken and Red Capsicum RiceChicken and Red Capsicum Rice



Just an updae from our Recipe Development kitchen...

Our Recipe Developers tested the Chicken and roasted red capsicum this week, using the blade cover in the TM5 - - and TM6

This was the result. Firm, yet tender, thigh pieces with approx. 800g of sauce. It was yum.

We used whole chicken thighs, picked up from a major supermarket. As we have always found the water content is particularly high from a supermarket, which, in turn, would yield more sauce. Thighs are tougher and can withstand a longer, slower cook with the blade cover inserted.

We hope you all give this another go. It really is a nice winter warmer.

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Will be looking forward for the feedback after you relook at recipe, but will not be holding my breath awaiting the review !!!

Hi Pleggy

Our Recipe Developer says she will relook at this recipe in the TM5. We know it is such a delicious dish that we don't want it to be mushy.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Warm regards

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Still waiting on your feedback from review, or is it in the too hard basket ??? has been over six months !!!

Will be looking forward for the feedback after your review.


Thank you for your feedback. We have not had any issues with all our inhouse testing on this recipe, but we will review it.

Kind Regards

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Hi again Deni cooked the Chicken and Capsicum Sauce with Rice yesterday and the chicken held together for the first 90minutes the second 90minutes it started to fall apart 10minutes in, by 30minutes it was totally shredded only cooked for 60minutes as chicken was cooked turned the speed down to half for last 30minutes, I will have to admit it still tasted good see photo attached.
PS. Could Thermomix in Australia please explain why this is so ????

Chicken and CapsicumChicken and Capsicum

Thanks for the feed back Deni, I will be trying the Chicken and Capsicum over the weekend and will review it when I've done it.

My sister made this chicken and capsicum and followed the recipe to a T and it turned out mushy using the blade cover.

Thank you for the response, cooked meatballs In Tomato Sauce as per recipe in TM5, and they turned out perfect.

Hi John

All recipes on our Cookidoo site have been triple tested to ensure that they do work and meals are not over cooked.

Kind Regards

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Has anybody cooked a recipe using the blade cover, recipe says cook for 90 minutes then cook for a further 90 minutes is this correct and does it over cook the meal ????