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Hi ToniShan

Sorry to hear you're having issues with the screen. You can adjust the brightness on the TM6 display but it does not have the same option for the darker display that the TM5 had.

When following an automatic Guided Cooking recipe, we recommend that you slowly and gently turn the dial - it will then ‘hang/pause’ at the correct setting point. However if you do continue to turn or turn too fast, it can and will go past with programmed speed.

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Thermomix Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

Is it just me? I can barely see where to turn the knob to the correct speed. Display is such a light green color even after adjusting brightness. I actually really messed up an automatic recipe by turning it to speed 9 rather than 2. I thought the knob would automatically stop turning at the programmed speed of 2. Can we set up a darker display like we are able to on the TM5’s? Thanks.