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Hi davesteps

Sorry to hear your machine isn't working.

Thank you for your post. We are the distributor of Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand and are unfortunately unable to be of assistance in this case as it looks as if you are based in the United Kingdom. We are unsure whether they are, and have been, operating throughout the covid pandemic.

Your best option is to contact Thermomix United Kingdom for assistance via the following details (go to the thermomix website and look up the details for the country that best suits this customer).

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

We hope you can get back cooking as soon as possible.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office


I've been phoning your costumer services alot over the past few months and leaving my phone number but nobody is getting back in touch, are you all on furlough?

I'm worried as my thermomix broke when in warranty but whilst the country was in lockdown you wont mix it under it but we have called you as many times as possible.

Can you please contact me ASAP as I would love to have my thermomix back working again soon.

Thank you