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Does risotto in the TM work OK if you halve the recipe?

Thanks I’m not game to try it again so wont cook risotto again.

Hi cathy56

Our Recipe Development team have a few tips that might help with a more successful risotto dish:
- Make sure you are cooking the onion in the mixing bowl first - this helps to add moisture to the bowl which is essential to the rice cooking later
- Don't reduce the quantity of liquid as it is necessary for cooking the rice enough
- The risotto should still be a soupy consistency after the cooking time. Don't be tempted to cook it further or the rice will overcook and be gluggy. Instead, transfer it to a Thermoserver or large bowl, cover and allowed to stand for 5-10 minutes until it reaches the consistency you prefer. This is the most important step that people often miss out.

We hope these tips help and also:
- The Mushroom risotto in the Basic Cookbook is a good guideline/starting point for a risotto recipe.
- There is also a Signature Risottos collection on Cookidoo which you might like to experiment with.

Please let us know how you get on!

Kind regards

Thermomix Head Office

I have a TM31 and have had for 5 years. Every time we cook risotto it ends up gluggy.
We tried it again tonight as had not tried again for over a year and once again gluggy.
I can coo normal rice with no problems, but Risotto never works.
We reduced amt of liquid as well- disaster.