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my kids love any of the risotto recipes

What kinds of things will he eat, and what kinds of things will he not eat? Some kids like casseroles and others don't, some can't have the different foods touch each other on their plate... some won't eat foods of a certain colour or texture.... I have one nephew who would not eat any meat except chicken meatballs for example, but he loved vegetables. It's easier to make suggestions when one knows the limitations.

My kids knew that they had to take at least 3 bites of something before they could say they didn't like it. And, I always told them that it's ok to not like a few things, but it's not ok to not like everything. They would eat the three bites and sometimes wouldn't eat any more, but often once they got used to the taste and texture, they would eat it up. Also, continue to offer things that have been refused in the past because it may have just been in that moment that they didn't want or like it. They might forget that they refused it before, and happily eat it.

Kids are also more likely to eat things that they have helped to prepare. At 8 years old, your son is easily old enough to help prepare the food, and how eay that is when you have a Thermomix!

Have you tried the chicken and sour cream enchiladas? They are a huge hit with my fussy kids 👍

Hi, I'm a new Thermie owner and am struggling to find meals my son will eat. Any suggestions bar spag bol and lasagne (he liked them- no surprise)