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Greetings all, just received confirmation that my TM5 is on its way.

I expect I will be trolling this site for inspiration, and friends to share successes and failures with.

I have been cooking for many years and considering this purchase for several.

Hi all,

I have just got mine on the weekend and am loving it. I have planned all my weeks meals around my thermi...

Looking forward to seeing what other people prepare and trying out some yummy food.

Cooking 7

hi there i am getting mine this weekend and new to all this

Any Advice??????

Hi and thanks for having me on-board

I have just got my new TM5 and already hooked

As a foodie I was sceptical but a good Demo by my local agent and reading through online info

Yip all go and now trying to convert my fine dining recipes to the TM

Look forward to participating in your exchange of ideas and info