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Hi spiritwind

Thank you for your post. We are assuming this is on the Recipe Community platform?

If yes, lets try and fix this for you.

1/ log in to your account
2/ open the recipe you wish to save
3/ select the Add to collections (the icon/button is to the right of the page)
4/ select favourite recipes collection
4a/ To create a new collection - select CREATE A NEW COLLECTION - type in your collection name and select the CREATE NEW COLLECTION (orange) button
5/ A message will pop up and say ' This recipe has been added to your Recipe Collection
6/ in order to review your saved recipes - go into your account and the 'Recipes' link. This will then show My recipes - My collections - My drafts - Add a recipe - Add a collection = Select the 'My recipes' or ' My collections' link and it should show you your saved recipe.

Have a play and please respond to let us know how you go.

Good luck!

Thermomix Head Office

I've had my consultant here today trying to help on my laptop. She followed your instructions (as have I), but the only options we have are shown under the picture of the recipe I want to save. You can either print to PDF or Create a Variant. All I want to do is save the recipe for future reference. We have both tried to do so in multiple ways, including following your instructions but it just can't be done now, though I have successfully done so with one recipe in the past.

Hi spiritwind

We have just tested this under a private account and the links are working. Can I suggest trying logging out, clearing your cache and then logging in again.

Once you are logged in on the right click on Recipes, from there click on add collection, type in the name of the collection you want and save.

Then in the search bar type in the recipe you are looking for, hover your mouse over the picture of the recipe you want and you can add to collection from there.

If the links still don't work please let us know and we can get our IT department to further look into it.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi. Smile Though I am only just beginning to use this website now I have the TM5, I was able to save somebody's recipe for a soup (photo, ingredients, method) before I went overseas (It's under My Collections and just shows a photo and name until I click on that. Then it shows the ingredients and method etc).
Now I'm home, I'm wanting to check out and save other recipes once I've tried and like them. I don't want to waste time always having to scan a pile of recipes to try and find the one I've made and liked previously. It seems that is no longer possible, despite the fact that you can write in a recipe of your own.

I've tried every link I can, checked with my consultant, who checked with her Team Leader, and neither of them can help. When I sign in and select recipes under 'My Profile', the box shows options for My Recipes & My Collections as well as Add Recipe and Add Collection, but none of those links work. I've searched and found recipes through using the search bar, but there is nowhere to click to save them to My Recipes or My Collection for my future reference. Very frustrating, as I can't remember how I did it the first time.

Is this option no longer available?
Is there anybody that can help me save recipes I like into my own collections please? Thank you. Smile