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Hi Jimbo24

If you can, book yourself into a cooking class or an at home demonstration to see the machine at work.

Then you can decide for yourself.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office

Ok Jimbo24 i have purchased 3 2nd hand TM31's (for each of my children) with each of them i received all the standard items and a carry case for each and one had 10 recipe books in the deal for 1K, that was probably the best deal and it was from my friend who changed her living arrangements. The other 2 were from on online source. The change of ownership was faultless and quick because i requested the initial paperwork and had the seller initiate the transfer and i followed up quickly. My TM5 has been a great asset but the truth be told here i could have done with not upgrading as my family grew and moved away... But i so love steaming my fish and veggies at the same time and having it all ready at once in the one spot. I hope this has helped you. Dough and Pastry is a breeze as is Nutmeg and all the hard spices to process. Soup and stews are so easy and quick and Custard and Anglaise is as well.

Amanda [soft]

Hi fam, ive long lusted after a thermomix, but I can only think of a couple of uses that i would really use it for. That is custards, ice cream anglaise, fillings, sauces etc. Not planning on making any meals in them.
Im a very serious cook/baker/pastry amateur and love being in the kitchen. A thermo would make my life easier when i spend a lot of time stirring pots on the stove.
I find it hard to justify the price of a new one, so thought id get one 2nd hand. TM31 have gone down in price because they are an older model, but would there be any advantages for me to get a tm5 for a bit more $$ for my uses?

Thabks fam, and I look forward to the community once i have my machine Smile