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Hi miriammace

I am sorry to hear. Thank you for your suggestion, we are busily working towards recipes that cover these requirements.

Thank you for your patience. However please feel free to share any recipes you may have already with your fellow cooks.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office[/b]

Thermomix Head Office

I have been saying this for ages now! Paleo and LCHF need their own cookbooks in cookidoo - I'm going to cancel my subscription otherwise - I just don't get much use out of the other recipes sadly.

LCHF and Paleo enthusiast Mixingbowl closed

LCHF cookbook would be Amazeballs especially with automated chip

Hi ishelli

Thankyou for your suggestion, we will pass this on to our team.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

yes I know that I can search the community for LCHF but I think a cookbook and chip would be amazing!