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Hi. I bought the T6 early December. I've made salads, bolognaise, soup, cake. I'm not a beginner cook and pretty much have simple meals. I did make butter chicken and was disappointed that the chicken thighs were tough. I'd usually do on stove top and just simmer longer till tender. Can someone point me to some threads with tips.

We've had our T5 for a couple of years and it revolutionized our meals! Recently, due to health issues, I have to spend more time at home and less at work, so I decided to take on some of the cooking to lighten the load on my working wife. I love the simplicity of using Thermomix recipes; the clear step-by-step instructions and the ability to choose recipes of different levels of difficulty. Between this and our slow-cooker I'm learning fast and enjoying it.

Hi Gayle, My name is Judy I also live on the Gold Coast and reasonably new to Theromix, I have had mine now for just on 12 months I use it often but not making so many recipes.
I have just taken on the 28-day challenge to appreciate all it has to offer. Good luck with your Theromix food journey.
Smile Judy

Hi all. I had my Thermomix delivered on Wednesday, and already I have tried quite a few recipes. I am amazed at how easy Thermomix makes producing beautiful meals. It exceeds my expectations. Today I made the Meatball with Tomato Sauce, and Creamy Mashed Potatoes from the basic cookbook, and it was delicious, and quite easy to make. Very impressed.
I live in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.