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Thank you. I'll do that and post here how it goes.

Hi Kylie

You can certainly follow the recipe and transfer into your jars to set, rather than a ThermoServer. The BCB recipe uses either jars or ThermoServer so the timings should be the same. See how you go and feel free to share your results on here or ask for more guidance if needed!

Kind regards

Thermomix Head Office

Thank you THO. I have tried the Basic Cook Book recipe. Maybe I have been putting too much starter in? I'll try again. I like to pot set finish which is my aim. Can I set it directly into the little bottles?Would that affect how long I leave it out before it goes in the fridge?
I'll try again. Thanks for your advice.

Hi Kylie Roberts

Yoghurt can be a temperamental recipe to master. However it can be done.

Firstly, what recipe have you been using?

Our Recipe Developers here in Perth have noted a few tips to ensure you achieve your desired results.
As you have a TM5, the machine does not have the new fermentation mode as on the TM6, therefore you probably want to look at the Plain Yoghurt recipe on page 70 in The Basic Cook Book.

These are what we have noticed alter the results:
- If your result is too runny it may have something to do with too much starter
- We recommend Greek Style Yoghurt with no additives, good quality with live cultures
- Full cream, pasturised milk - as raw milk has not been heated so the proteins remain intact therefore can not be coagulated
- Using milk powder does help with the low protein in the milk and help the yoghurt to set thicker
- Temperature plays a huge part in setting

We hope this helps and you have better results next time.

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Head Office

I have a TM5. I haven't been very successful making pot set yoghurt. The recipe built in is a bit runny. I have tried the one where you cool to 37 degrees etc but not very successfully.
Q1. Does anyone have an EASY recipe for sugar free pot set yoghurt?
Q2. I have bought the TM little yoghurt bottles and lids. Can I set it straight into these jars?

Thank you TM community