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[=#113c2b; font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hi Newbie mum

We hope you're enjoying your TM5! In answer to your question, unfortunately it is not possible to transfer recipes from Recipe Community to Cookidoo/Cook-key.

Cookidoo is the site for official Thermomix-tested recipes, which have Guided Cooking instructions entered into the software to enable you to view them on your TM screen via your Cook-key.

Recipe Community is a customer based recipe sharing platform, where Thermomix users can share recipes, find new recipes and convert loved recipes. Unfortunately as these are not programmed with Guided Cooking, they cannot be viewed on your TM5. However you can create, share, print these recipes as you like and a combination of Cookidoo and Recipe Community definitely gives you the best of both worlds and more than enough recipes to keep you busy for a while!

We hope that helps and that you have fun discovering lots of new meal ideas.

Kind regards[/]

Thermomix Head Office

Hi all. Im new to owning a T5 since mothers day. I was wondering if i can upload or transfer recipes from this site to my thermo like i can with cookidoo and my cook-key? Thank you