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Hi melcur

This is interesting. Were you following a recipe on Cookidoo or were you manually working through a recipe?

There is always going to be some residual heat when kneading for a long time or when milling even with no temperature set.
If the machine was on for 6 minutes then we understand that your mixture would have been flat and the bowl retain heat for a short period of time.
It is not something we have come across. The recipes you will find on Cookidoo are triple tested so would factor any of this it.

We hope you can give it another try and let us know how you go.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office

HI all

I was making up some mousse at work. It was whipping up nicely then towards the end of the 6min it went flat. Turns out the TMX had a temp of 36c. I had not bumped it on at all. The machine had not been used that day and I had used it for short burst speeds of a few minutes before that.

I threw out that batch and got out the old hand mixer and used that instead as the bowl was still hot for ages.

Any idea? My rep had not heard of that issue before but i swear I read about it before.