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Thanks guys. I don't have a TM6 yet so hence my question. If the playlists are downloaded onto the TM6 itself, I won't have any problems 👏🏻 Oh boy, just another good reason to buy one 👏🏻

Hi JayDee_DeeJay
You will be able to use guided cooking if you download the recipe to your machine (or on the app) while you have internet connection.

You can simply test the scenario yourself. Download a recipe (or collection) via either the Cookidoo® app or directly onto your TM6 and then switch off your internet and mobile data and jump into your 'My Recipes'. The recipes/collections downloaded will have a green circle with a white arrow pointing down, which indicates it has been downloaded. Once selected you can view te downloaded recipes and cook away.

Do you know who your Consultant is? They will have a wealth of knowledge in this area and will be able to pop past before you head off on your advenuture.\

Touch base with them to lock it in.

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Head Office

Hi guys and gals, could you please advise: if I load the cookidoo app to my phone, and I have no internet or hot spot capability, I cannot do guided cooking on a TM6. However, if I have a TM5 & cook key, I could still do guided cooking from the stored playlists on the cook key regardless of internet/ hotspot access. (I was hoping the playlists were stored within the TM6 itself).

Hi JayDee_DeeJay

Sounds like a heap of fun. I want to hear all about your adventures but first, the TM6.

No internet connection, not a problem.

Before you head off on your adventures, download the Cookidoo® app to your phone. Create a playlist and save your favourite recipes or books to this playlist. Then download the playlist to your phone.

The TM6 will still work without internet connection and you can follow the recipes as downloaded via the Cookidoo® app.

Alternatively contact your Consultant. This is what they are there for, helping you enhance your Thermomix journey and empowering you the get the most out of your machine, no matter where you are in Australia.

Happy adventuring!

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We travel for about 6 months of the year within Australia. Will a TM6 still allow us to view recipes if we are stuck somewhere with no internet & phone access? This is a real problem in some rural towns.