Forum Troubleshooting - TM5 turns on with a 50d temp setting on display?

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Hi ddlee1178

This is very strange.

Being in Namibia our Australian service department is not able to help you. However you are right in the middle of 2 service outlets:
1/Johannesburg, South Africa
2/ Talatona Luanda, Angola

I undertand that distance is an issue however you should start there. Here are the details.

Street :
91 Isando Road, Croydon
Telephone Number +27 72 129 5892

Email :

Street :
Condº Mulemba, Casa C1, Talatona

Telephone Number :+244 933 622 312
Telephone Number #2 :
+244 930 555 920

So sorry we cannot help you at this time. Good luck! Hope you get back into the kitchen very soon.

Thermomix Head Office

Hi all,

My TM5 was working perfectly... then it wouldn't turn on. So we waited a day and tried again. It started up as if nothing was wrong - only to give the unexpected shutdown error message. So I started using it to make juice - while blending, the screen got all fuzzy and colorful, then it went blank - full system (unexpected) shutdown - again. Then it restarted and gave the message "unexpected shutdown... please always use the selector to shut down your thermomix"... now it won't start at all. I'm thinking there is a loose power cable / connection - any advice on how to fix? I live in a country (Namibia) with no service / repair provider so it is very difficult to access authorized repair services. Thanks, Daniel

Hi Merissa

This is very strange.

We have passed your post onto our Customer Service team and someone will be in contact to discuss shortly.

We hope to get you back into the kitchen as soon as possible.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi Rita Kaso

Sorry to read this has happened. Very strange.

We have passed your post onto our Customer Service team. Someone will be in contact however please bare with us during this time.

We hope to get you back grating cheese properly soon.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office

Has anyone replied to your post?
I have same problem but my temperature goes up to 100 degree without me setting it.
It doesn't help when you are grinding and it starts cooking it. Grinding cheese ended up melted cheese at the bottom of the jug!!!


I need some help as to why my TM5 has just recently started showing a 50d temp display when I first turn it on? When I take the jug out it the temp reduces to 40d on the display. I had not used my TM5 that day.

Tried turning off, leaving it, and turning back on, and the same temp display shows. I did manage to mash potatos following the inbuilt recipe, and all temps and stages completed normally. I waited for the unit to cool down before attempting to turn on again, and the same faulty temp display still showed.

Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I checked the jug pins and where the pins sit into on the main unit, and everything looks normal.

Many thanks