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Have been making natural yogurt successfully for some months BUT sometimes it just does not 'ferment' completely. I wonder if I am using the 'starter' from previous batches too often. I also wonder why, with newly made batch, it becomes slightly seperated after using the first few spoonfuls? (I am based in UK.)

Hi maurs56

There is no special cleaning requirements. However you could do a pre-clean to really utilised the machines skills.

Happy yoghurting.

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I am interested in how the bowl/lid should be cleaned before making yoghurt - are there any specific requirements for this. Thanks, Maurs


Yoghurt is such a temperamental recipe.

We use a natural Greek-style yoghurt. It's important to use a yoghurt containing live, active cultures (be sure to check the label) and we recommend using one without any added additives or stabilisers.
We are unfortunately unable to recommend a brand but there are a number at the local grocers.

The enzymes in the yoghurt continue to work so yoghurt gets runnier over time. The best solution is to strain this yoghurt batch through a nut milk bag. Then place a nut milk bag into a simmering basket nd leave yoghurt to drain overnight. This, however, does reduce yield.

We hope this helps.

Good luck.

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Could someone please tell me what is the best natural yoghurt (in Australia) to use when making yoghurt. Which one contains over 10% fat? My yogurt comes out of the fridge, after it's final 3hrs, all lovely and thick only to get runnier over time. By day 3 it's almost milk like.