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NuYu Total Health was born from a passion to help others by long-term friends Shaun Cardillo and Gavin Brooks. 

In 2007 NuYu opened its doors as a dedicated weight loss and lifestyle clinic, Australias first, in the suburbs of Western Sydney. Within several months of opening NuYu was receiving over 50% of enquiries from customers located all across Australia who could not find anything else like it. This demand from travelling guests led to the growth into a fully comprehensive residential program and the need for supportive full retreat (accommodation) packages. 

Since then NuYu has assisted thousands of people lose weight and significantly improve their health. NuYu’s passion and expertise also ensure that guests leave with new habits and routines so that they can continue on achieving fantastic results back at home.


NuYu Total Health Retreats offer visitors:

o    Elite five star treatment in luxury surroundings

o    Choice of beautiful outdoor environments of beach or mountains

o    Personalised exercise program of fun, invigorating fitness activities

o    Variety of exciting indoor and outdoor challenges to tone your body

o    Unexpected selection of plentiful, nutritious healthy meals prepared by one-hatted chefs

o    Motivating wellness seminars by expert speakers

o    Attentive, supportive staff to tailor your program and guide you every step of the way

o    Interesting, like-minded people to laugh with

o    Customised take-home plans to continue your journey and keep the spirit alive!


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Chicken and quinoa salad with grapes and almonds

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