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Zip code: 4069
City: Brisbane
Country: Australia
About me: 

I am an older mum of young boys.

My oldest Sam has been diagnosed with hyperactivity (and I have noticed for years the adverse reaction he has to additives). My Thermomix was bought in an effort to produce food without the nasties and manage the sugar content so Sam can control his emotions and stop feeling as though he needs to apologise all the time for his behaviour.

Tom will just be happy to have a calmer brother (one that doesn't hit and hurt so much).

For years I had lost touch with my love of cooking, most definitely with the return to full time work and 2 toddler boys.

Thank you TM5 for restoring my long lost love Smile

Using Thermomix since: 2015
What Thermomix ® version do you have?: Thermomix ® TM 5
What is your relationship with Themomix?: Customer
Cookingskills: Beginner
Best recipe: 

Mayonnaise "Heavenly Herb"

Most commented recipe: 

Bacon, Chicken and Spinach Creamy Pasta

Published recipes: 9
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