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"The NAKED Baker" ....

I'm a Baker and Pastrycook by trade, who's had (and still having!), a life-long love affair with food - cooking and eating.  I have always prided myself that I've come from a long line of awesome cooks on both sides of my family (English, Scandinavian, Hungarian, French and of course Aussie backgrounds).  We've always prepared food from scratch, usually without a recipe, and when we do use recipes, we can't help but change it anyway! 

However, these days I prefer to create new recipes and re-invent my old recipes, NAKED of all the nasties, using clean, raw and gluten-free ingredients. 

I love the challenge of turning a traditionally glutenous baked product into a gluten-free and great tasting new version, thats also good for you!  I BIG lover of bread, pastries, sweets, savouries and food in general, I had a big shake-up to find out all those years of rolling around in flour is what was making me very sick!! 

So with a big lifestyle change, and the challenge of eliminating gluten from my diet (and now my children's diet with huge results...), I embarked on an empowering food journey that allowed me to use my professional knowledge to adapt old and new favourites and discover a whole new world to healthy eating and the elimination of chronic illnesses that plagues our society today. 

To begin with it was hard to find appropriate ingredients, and it was so expensive to buy ready-made gluten-free products (which are still full of terrible, nasty additives and sugars)... and most of them were comparable to cardboard!  Then my beautiful friend bought a Thermomix which I had no interest in (as I could already cook!!!!), until... I saw it in action!  All of a sudden it was a game changer!  It would open up so many avenues to my cooking that I was unable to do, even with my 37 other kitchen appliances, withut depriving my family of all the yummy things they were used to eating.

I still love to cook my family's evening meals traditionally, and usually only resort to my thermie for quick and easy go-to meals.  However, I treat it as my own little processing plant, so I can use clean and natural ingredients, to prepare, create and bake everything else totally Naked from nasties! 

The recipes I share here have been tried, tested and approved by the best and most critical judges I know - My Kids!

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Traditional Spiced Hot Cross Buns

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White Chocolate Mud Cake

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