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City: Briagolong
Country: Victoiria
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I'm a very new Thermie user. I purchased mine in Feb 2015. I am also a born again Christian who not only loves to talk about, read and study  the Bible for myself but who also loves to garden  and cook.

I cook these days trying to reduce the carb intake in my cooking by substituting sugar with low calorie plant based sweeteners, konjac noodles and reducing wheat based items in my cooking. I also love to cook using the many super foods that are now readily available in supermarkets like chia, quinoa, cacao etc. 

I bought a thermomix to help me convert my garden produce into scrumptious meals, sauces, cakes, slices and desserts. My garden is almost 2 acres in size and is a mixture of various fruit trees, herbs, a few vegetables, roses, lavender, flowers, shrubs and trees including deciduous ones.You can read more about me and my garden at

These days you'll find me cooking for two but there were days when I cooked for a family of six. How a Thermie could have been used then! I am a mother of 4 children, grandmother to 4 grandchildren, a very happy wife to second husband since 1997. When I'm not cooking for friends, family and guests you 'll find me tending my garden, reading or studying my Bible.

I hope to post some of my own recipes into the Thermie recipe community but I'm happy to try yours too!

I plan on using my Thermie everyday and want to try and cook something different regularly and want to use my own garden produce as much as I can! I love variety, good, tasty,  healthy food and I think my Thermie is going to deliver all that to me and much more.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. 



What Thermomix ® version do you have?: Thermomix ® TM 5
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Steamed Porterhouse Steak & Vegetables & Soup

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Herb Steak Braise With Steamed Vegetables

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