from a snug kitchen

from a snug kitchen


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City: Lower Snug, Tasmania
Country: Australia
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I'm a passionate, cook, baker, theatre maker, mum and new thermomix consultant who loves experimenting, learning more about cooking through trying new recipes and sharing food with friends and family.

I love that thermomix has the potential to make cooking fun, healthy and timely for every kind of cook.  I love every advantage of thermomix - from fast simple delicious dinners that cook while I spend time with my 2 year old son to having the confidence to try lots of new and often more complex recipes with success.

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Using Thermomix since: 2015
What Thermomix ® version do you have?: Thermomix ® TM 5
What is your relationship with Themomix?: Representative
Cookingskills: Amateurchef

simplicity and creativity with confidence

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Chai Spice Biscuits

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Chai Tea

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