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I love to cook, but more than anything else, I love to experiment and test the limits of my Thermomix and my cooking knowledge.

Although I'm not personally gluten free, I do have a LOT of allergies so im very experienced at adapting and creating new recipes that work.

For a while now my experiments have been all about helping my unlucky GF bound friends/family by making GF baked goods that taste good, are easy to make and that improve the quality of the finished product.

Like my versatile GF bread dough - light, fluffy and tastes 'like normal bread' especially enjoyed by former gluten loving souls who desperately miss their tasty carbs!

That all started because there are several friends/family members who are in the gluten free club and while there is more in the marketplace these days, the resounding comments were generally similar around poor taste, texture, density and/or quality.

This would be especially noticeable given they've all had gluten based deliciousness for most of their lives before diagnosis or determination that gluten based foods were a big problem.

It was those comments that made me think there HAD to be a better recipe out there, thus the many experiments and after resounding delight from test subjects those recipes have been published for everyone to enjoy!

Keep an eye out for more recipes of all kinds to come.

Feel free to message me if you have a GF recipe request for something I havent yet published and we can take the experiment journey together to come up with something wonderful..!!

That goes for normal recipes as well.. if you are having trouble putting one together or balancing flavours let me know and I will see if I can help 😊

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Gluten free soft n fluffy pizza base

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Gluten free soft n fluffy pizza base

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