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Hi there,

I was introduced to Thermomix by my cousin in Oct. 2019. I was extremely impressed and could see the possibilities acheivable with a TM6 on my bench. So I ordered one on the day of the Cooking experience.

December 2018 I was diagnosed with Idiopathic dilated Cardiomyopathy, kidney disease and aneamia.

My heart health required me to change my diet, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and lower my sodium intake. With the Thermomix, I would be able to control that with ease, having the benefit of knowing 'exactly' what was contained in my meals.

Although Cardiomyopathy is for life, fast forward two years, my heart is stable. On diagnoses my EF (Ejection fraction) was 18% , today my EF is 62%, well within the healthy range. Kidney disease is being managed, with healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Aneamia is no longer an issue, monitored from time to time but an Iron infusion rectified that issue.

Which brings us to today, I have been enjoying the benefits of my TM6 for almost a year. I love it so much and knew how much it would aid my Mum in the kitchen, I purchased and gifted her a second-hand TM5 for Mothers day.

My neice is Celiac, I knew how much a Thermomix would assist my brother and sister in law. Still in love with Thermomix, I signed on for the EARN program to gift my brother a TM6. He is building his first home and has been advised his TM6 is not just a house warming present but I've filled my gift quota with him for my remaining years Lol

Now my 60 day trial is complete and I now have consultant status.

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Lemon Cordial Concentrate

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Lemon Cordial Concentrate

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