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The COVID-19 epidemic and remote control measures have forced families around the world to homeschool their children. For many it was a lesson in itself, but for British students and their parents, the lesson will soon be over. While other European countries like Denmark and Germany are opening schools or planning to do so in the next few weeks, the UK government has yet to set a timetable Dissertation Writing Services in Australia

"I just want to see schools go back to normal so that the children can sit down, study and have fun in school," said UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on April 19th. But I can't date you. "

UK national broadcaster BBC stepped in to fill the void. Launched in 1998 as a series of guides for students ages 14-16, Bitesize's educational platform now offers a variety of daily online Assignment Help in Australia courses based on the national curriculum. The BBC hired a number of celebrities to invite them.



While Sir David talks about the oceans, maps the world and why animals look and behave the way they do, soccer star Sergio Aguero from Manchester City and Argentina will teach kids how to count in Spanish. Pop singers Liam Payne and Mabel will teach music and reading. Brian Cox, professor of particle physics and renowned television presenter, will give lectures on topics such as the solar system and gravity.

The BBC's proposal, however, is more than just a celebrity varnish. According to the TV host, a team of 200 teachers worked privately to develop this week-long training project, which includes classroom materials and project support programs.

"It's important that every child can keep learning and the lessons we teach ensure they are happy at the same time," said Alice Webb, BBC Children's Program Director.

While this approach was approved in the UK, similar attempts have sparked controversy in other countries. The South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) has been criticized for supporting a program run by a nonprofit organization that recruited prestigious volunteers to train students after graduation. Feeling obliged to defend the program on Twitter, DBE spokesman Elijah Mhlanga stated that volunteers are not a substitute for teachers.

In China the situation is reversed. According to the Global Times, some teachers have become celebrities online. Jilin Provincial biology teacher Wen Yu, for example, became a social media celebrity when extracts from his online research began to circulate.

Public and private institutions help disadvantaged students, among others, to continue their studies. In the United States, many companies and non-governmental organizations that provide online Assignment Help resources have made their products available for free to help drive completion. UNESCO has also compiled a list of distance learning providers, most of which are free, to make learning easier for parents and school administrators while schools around the world are closed.

The epidemic has forced us to change the way we work and learn. Can we - like Darwin's birds - successfully adapt to our new environment once the dust has settled? Perhaps an eminent naturalist has the answer.Visit for more information : Economics Assignment Help in Australia.

The price of gold lost its previous gains of around 1.3% on Monday, amid NSE pressure of -1.02% amid fears a new coronavirus hit the markets and tight restrictions in place.

Spot gold fell 0.3% to $ 1,874.91 an ounce at 11:15 a.m. GMT, its highest level since November 9 at $ 1,906.46. The US gold futures fell 0.6% to $ 1,877.70.

“Usually it's a feeling of risk. Forex and business markets are low. The new strain of the virus has created new uncertainties in the market and we are seeing a significant increase in risk, ”said Xiao Fu, an analyst at Bank of China International.

"In these cases, gold should win as a safe bet, but generally in these cases we see the dollar stealing the show." The dollar index rose more than 1% and then hit a low again a week later when news of the mutated coronavirus dropped the pound and the euro.

European currencies also collapsed as a result of a severe UK shutdown that sparked unrest among families and businesses a few days before the country left the European Union.

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