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Prawn Crackers



200 piece(s)

Prawn Cracker Dough

  • 300 grams Raw Prawn Meat
  • 3 tablespoons TM Vege Stock Paste
  • 350 grams tapioca flour

Oil for Frying

  • 6
    1h 55min
    Preparation 10min
  • 7
  • 8
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      Recipe is created for
      TM 5
      Please note that the TM5 mixing bowl has a larger capacity than the TM31 (capacity of 2.2 liters instead of 2.0 liters for TM 31). Recipes for the Thermomix TM5 may not be cooked with a Thermomix TM31 for safety reasons without adjusting the quantities. Risk of scalding by spraying of hot liquids: Do not exceed the maximum filling quantity and observe the filling level markings of the mixing bowl!

Recipe's preparation

    Puree Prawns
  1. - Add prawn meat and vege stock paste to jug and puree for 30 seconds on speed 8 until a smooth paste. You may need to scrape down and repeat until the right consistency is achieved.
  2. Create Dough
  3. - Add tapioca flour and mix together to form dough, speed 6 for 6 seconds.

    - If dough is really sticky and you need to scrape it from the sides of the bowl, add more flour and mix again for a few seconds on speed 6.

    - Using dough mode, knead until you have a well combined, soft dough that holds together, but is not sticky to touch. (If necessary, add flour or liquid through the hole until the right texture is achieved.)
  4. Shape dough
  5. Turn dough out onto a silicone mat or floured surface.

    It should not be sticky to touch, but smooth and pliable.

    Divide dough into 3 or 4 pieces and firmly shape into sausage shapes, (5cm diameter), ensuring any air pockets are removed.
  6. Cook Prawn Dough
  7. Roll each sausage shape in baking paper and then wrap in foil.

    Place in Varoma - tray and base can be used.
  8. - Add 1 litre of water to jug, place Varoma in position, and steam for 45 minutes on speed 2

    - At the end of the time, carefully unwrap a roll and cut through to check if it is cooked. It should not be doughy at all.

    - If not cooked, return to Varoma for a further 10-15 minutes.

    - When cooked, removed from Varoma, and place wrapped rolls in refrigerator to chill overnight.
  9. Make Crackers
  10. - When rolls have been chilled for at least overnight, unwrap and slice thinly using either a sharp knife, mandolin, or electric slicer.

    - Slices should be wafer thin, and can be achieved if the rolls have been cooked and chilled correctly. They should not be sticky at all, and the cut surace should be dry and pliable to touch.

    - Slices need to be dried and this can be done using a dehydrator, oven trays, or even outside on a sunny day.

    - Slices should be dried until they snap crisply. (For example, 1 hour in a dehydrator on 55deg)

    - To determine optimum drying for the method you choose, you will need to test them by cooking.

    - When you are happy with the test cook, stop drying, and your prawn crackers are ready to store, and then cook as needed.
  11. Cooking Prawn Crackers
  12. - The easiest way to cook prawn crackers is by deep frying. This can be done with either a deep fryer, or 2-3 cm of oil in in a saucepan.

    - A prawn cracker only takes a few seconds to cook, and when dropped in the hot oil should immediately puff up and expand.

    - If your prawn crackers are dry enough, they will puff up and be crisp. If they are a bit chewy, they still need a bit more drying. If they do not puff at all, they have been over dried.

Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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  • Spatula TM31
    Spatula TM31
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  • Measuring cup
    Measuring cup
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- If you use thawed, frozen prawns they will be wetter than fresh prawns, so you will need to add extra tapioca flour to make your dough.

- If you have no Vege Stock Paste, you can just add salt to taste instead, though I find the stock paste does add an extra dimension to the flavour.



This recipe was provided to you by a Thermomix ® customer and has not been tested by Vorwerk Thermomix ® or Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand.
Vorwerk Thermomix ® and Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand assume no liability, particularly in terms of ingredient quantities used and success of the recipes.
Please observe the safety instructions in the Thermomix ® instruction manual at all times.

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