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Cheats Strawberry Yoghurt



1 litre(s)

  • 1 litre UHT milk
  • 200 grams natural unsweetened yoghurt, saved from last batch
  • 40 grams Sugar of choice, more or less to taste
  • 3-4 teaspoons Strawberry Jam, more or less to taste
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, optional
  • 2-4 tablespoons milk powder, optional

Recipe's preparation

  1. 1. Ensure you bowl, blade, lid and seal are thoroughly clean.

    2. Weigh in the sugar & mill 5-10sec/speed 9 to create icing sugar.

    3. Add the milk, milk powder, yoghurt culture, jam and vanilla.

    4. Heat for 10mins/37degrees/speed 3.

    5. While the the milk is heating, fill your Thermoserver with boiled water and put the lid on to pre-warm it.

    6. When the milk has finished heating, pour the water out of your server then place it somewhere it wont be disturbed for 10hrs (minimum).

    7. Carefully pour the milk mixture into the server then place the lid on & wrap it in a towel or baby blanket. 

    8. Leave it undisturbed for a min of 10 hrs. The longer you leave it the thicker it gets. It can be left for up to 24 hrs.

    9. Once at least 10 hours has elapsed, remove the lid and you will have pot set yoghurt.  Put in fridge to chill before eating.


    Sherrie McBain

    Independent Consultant

    0405 788 618

    Thermosherrie //www.facebook.com/Thermosherrie



*Using UHT long-life milk means you can skip the usual 1st step of heating for 90 degrees for half an hour, then cooling for an hour and the scraping of any skin that has formed on the top.

* Milk powder is optional but it does make it thicker and creamier. Althought the more times you make your own yoghurt, the better the culture gets (and it turns out thicker each time) so don't worry if your first attempt turns out a little runny.

*Simply omit the sugar, jam and vanilla to make a 'natural yoghurt'. 

* I make up a batch of 'natural yoghurt' and freeze it into portions of 120gms. That way I have my 'starter yoghurt' ready to go. I just leave it out on the bench to defrost during the day (don't heat/mircowave defrost as you will destroy the live cultures).

*Perfect to make just before you go to bed. Leave on the bench (or in your cold oven) and it will be ready in the morning!

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Vorwerk Thermomix ® and Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand assume no liability, particularly in terms of ingredient quantities used and success of the recipes.
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  • I am so glad I bought multi-cooker and now can...

    Submitted by orlahirish on 8. June 2017 - 18:45.

    I am so glad I bought multi-cooker and now can make yoghurt any time I want it! While working at http://essaywriting.center I enjoy eating sweets and home-made yoghurt is one of the most delicious things in the world.

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  • Mmmm..... the beanie was

    Submitted by hazel.k.b on 7. July 2015 - 15:19.

    Mmmm..... the beanie was super yummo with a dressing of creamy yoghurt.  I can't believe I have not made this before it is ridiculously easy and ridiculously yummy. 

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  • Wrapped in a blanket in the

    Submitted by hazel.k.b on 6. July 2015 - 20:35.

    Wrapped in a blanket in the corner. I'll eat my hat if this works... and then kick myself for not doing it before! It's soooo easy. Fingers crossed I'm scoffing my beanie in the morning with a lovely creamy yoghurt on the side

    .  tmrc_emoticons.)


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