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Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt (TM6 - Mixing Bowl Method)



4 jar(s)

Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt (Mixing Bowl Method)

  • 400 grams canned coconut milk, (No stabilisers/thickeners)
  • 400 grams canned coconut cream, (No stabilisers/thickeners)
  • 3 tsp arrowroot starch, (Tapioca starch is fine - in the Asian section at the supermarket)
  • 3 tsp agar agar, (From your local Asian supermarket)
  • 0.5 sachet Dairy Free probiotic, (From your local health food store)
  • 2 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste
  • 6
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Recipe's preparation

    Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt
  1. Sterilise your jars by placing them upside down in the Varoma dish and place the Varoma lid on top. Place 1L water in bowl, put lid on without MC and put Varoma into position. Steam 15min/Varoma/speed 3. Remove jars carefully using tongs and set aside to dry. Keep water in mixing bowl.
  2. Add 50gm vinegar to water in bowl and set Kettle Mode/100deg. Once finished, empty bowl then rinse with clean water and dry with a clean tea towel.
  3. Place coconut milk, coconut cream, arrowroot, agar agar and maple syrup into mixing bowl and heat 10 min/80°C/speed 3.5. Remove mixing bowl, open mixing bowl lid and allow mixture to cool in mixing bowl until temperature reaches 45°C (place mixing bowl into position to check temperature).
  4. Add a little of the cooled yoghurt into a bowl, add probiotic (amount will vary – follow packet instructions. I use half a sachet of the probiotic pictured) and stir until smooth. Add yoghurt and probiotic mixture to mixing bowl and mix 5 sec/speed 4. Scrape down sides and mix again 5 sec/speed 4. Scrape down sides.
  5. With mixture still in the mixing bowl, replace lid and MC and set Fermentation Mode/10hr/45 degrees.
  6. Once finished, add vanilla bean paste and mix 5 sec/speed 4. Transfer into glass jars and refrigerate overnight before serving. Store yoghurt in the fridge for up to 8 days.

Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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  • Measuring cup
    Measuring cup
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  • Spatula TM5/TM6
    Spatula TM5/TM6
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This recipe has been adapted from a Cookidoo recipe ("Coconut Yoghurt" from the Homemade Yoghurt Collection).

It is important to clean your utensils and sterilise your jars before you start to eliminate unwanted bacteria. The quality of your coconut milk, coconut cream and probiotic powder will influence the end product. Be sure to source coconut milk and coconut cream with NO stabilisers/thickeners, etc, just coconut (I have included a picture of the ones I use). Also be sure to source a good quality dairy-free probiotic as this will influence the flavour of the final product (picture also included).

I used glass jars that I purchased from BigW (a set of 6 for $5). You can also purchase some gorgeous yoghurt jars from The Mix Shop.

This recipe was provided to you by a Thermomix ® customer and has not been tested by Vorwerk Thermomix ® or Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand.
Vorwerk Thermomix ® and Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand assume no liability, particularly in terms of ingredient quantities used and success of the recipes.
Please observe the safety instructions in the Thermomix ® instruction manual at all times.

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