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Hi allie_v

Unfortunately this site, Recipe Community, is a public forum to allow you to engage with other Thermomix users.

You can head over to the Thermomix website and follow the links to the Mix Shop and find the Quirky Cookbook, along with many other titles to choose from.  Here is the link:

Happy cooking!

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Hi, I'm a newbie.  I'm trying to figure out how to actually buy the Quirky Cooking Book on this site.  How do I do that???

Cheers . . . Allie

Hi everyone,

If you have obtained the first print edition of Quirky Cooking, here are the notes to accompany the book. You can tell if your cookbook is the first print edition, by looking at the date on the back cover of the book. The first print edition was printed May 2014.

Notes for Quirky Cooking


1.       Smoked salmon salad with sesame dressing (pg. 78)

·         Added missing ingredient to list ‘½ lime, juice only (10-20 g)’

2.       Grain free lasagne (pg. 134)

·         Corrected ‘150 carrots’ to be ‘150 g carrots’

3.       Peach-mango cobbler (pg. 181)

·         Corrected ‘50 coconut sugar’ to be ‘50 g coconut sugar’ in the Cake topping

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